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Former Mayor O’Brien had proposed a tax freeze for the elderly and has invested in efforts to make our streets and neighborhoods safer.

  • Replaced all street lights with LED bulbs saving 380k per year and lobbied the United Illuminating to pay the cost.
  • Proposed a tax freeze for seniors.
  • Passed tougher blight ordinances.
  • Invested in stronger police & fire departments.
  • Helped keep local property taxes in check by negotiating a rate increase in state aid.
Going Forward
  • By all standards without a stable police department public safety is in jeopardy. I will work to retain our current officers and work towards a police department that new officers want to join and stay their entire career.
  • Work with the Police leadership to insure that they have all the tools they need to keep West Haven safe.
  • Work tirelessly to secure grant funds to provide our seniors with a much needed new senior center.
  • Quality of life raises property values. I will restore festivals, concerts and cultural events that were recently eliminated.
  • Partner with our higher educational institutions and business community whenever possible to improve the quality of life in our city.