Finances and Taxes

When in office,  Mayor O’Brien had implemented measures to increase transparency during the budgetary process, as well as proposing a tax freeze for West Haven’s elderly and expanding the Grand List.

  • Helped a majority of West Haven homeowners see property-tax reductions.
  • Proposed a tax freeze for seniors.
  • Renegotiated health care cost saving 900k.
  • Created greater transparency at City Hall.
  • Expanded the Grand List.
Going Forward
  • Continue expanding West Haven’s Grand List to help offset the tax burden on our residents.
  • Work collaboratively with the MARB Board to improve West Haven’s fiscal outlook.
  • Seek out every opportunity to increase revenues in an effort to reduce taxes.
  • Lobby the State and Federal Government to obtain grant funds to make necessary infrastructure improvements and upgrades.
  • Eliminate all unnecessary expenses and renegotiate all contracts whenever possible.